Photo credit:  Awol Erizku


Photo credit: Awol Erizku


Patina'd came about when I realized that I seemed to view everything through texture-colored glasses. 
That concert last night? Eh, it was popcorn-ceiling-esque. The movie we just saw? I liked the fuzzy, dewiness of it.  See what I mean? If I were to go through every collection of trip photos I've taken, at least 25% would be something textural. Hence, Patina'd.

After extensive research to find the correct definition for the word "patina," this one struck gold - or shall I say, tinged bronze? 

"Patina is a model for how matter changes at the margin, in reaction to its surrounding chemistry." 

To me, it's the intriguing moment that occurs when beautiful objects/instances/facets confront other delicious pockets of information, and your perception of one or both changes instantly. In their philosophy for surfaces, Zahner (a company known for its use and manufacturing of metal) wrote that patina is like "cultivated wine." As the result of an organic process, patina evolves over time and the longer it ages, the further refined and elegant it becomes. Which is exactly what this magazine (of sorts) intends to do: to re-contextualize, re-imagine and change the chemistry of that which may have otherwise been stagnant and overlooked. Through textured lenses, of course.

xo Dina Ravvin


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